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Autumn Cleanse – Metal Element (Lung & Large Intestines Meridian)

So your child has a diagnosis, doesn’t fit within the school system, is falling behind, or the school seems to be pushing for medication pathways. This 5-week course empowers parents to support the child, not the diagnosis. Specifically designed to unpeel layer by layer to restore balance within the child's body, the family unit and how the child chooses to interact within the education system. To create or regain flow into the learning process and nurture back a vest for life, curiosity and a love for learning. This course itself equals more than ten standard standalone Kinesiology Sessions when completed. It is utterly different to a single kinesiology session as it offers deep knowledge and understanding of core issues that result in imbalance and expression of learning and behaviour issues in children and adults. Each lesson is full of video tutorials, written information and tools designed to open up and shift energy progressively. Peeling back the layers of protection, safety and self-sabotage, individuals put up and learn in response to feeling like dysfunctional or distracted learners while restoring and empowering the individual to be aware of the strength behind their neurodiversity when it is balanced and in a state of flow. Be patient with the lessons and their order. The timing and space between tasks are designed for integration.
Erin Straker
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As the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, we’re reminded of the timeless wisdom from a Chinese proverb: “Don’t be afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” As we stand on the threshold of transformative energy brought forth by seasonal energy this autumn, it’s time to embrace a season of profound renewal and preparation. The autumnal equinox invites us to embark on a physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing journey, setting the stage for a winter of ease and a spring filled with growth.

Autumn is a powerful season for detoxification and reflection. It’s a time to celebrate our achievements, savour the fruits of our labour, and release what no longer serves our highest good. The practices of breathwork, dry skin brushing, hot/cold therapy, saunas, and the nourishing support of cilantro, chlorella, dulse flakes, shilajit, and vitamin C are gateways to rejuvenation. They’re not just rituals but stepping stones to a deeper connection with ourselves and the natural world.

This autumn cleanse is more than a detox; it’s a holistic embrace of clean eating without the constraints of meal plans or calorie counts, focusing on fresh greens, veggie juices, smoothies, and a mindful reduction of carbs. It’s a commitment to supporting the body with a heavy metal detox, invigorated by daily lymphatic massages, skin brushing, and the invigorating contrast of sauna and ice baths. It’s a journey enriched with daily mindset and movement challenges, Kinesiology insights, and the camaraderie of an Instagram community group.

Why embark on this journey? Many have voiced their uncertainties about where to start or how to sustain a detox independently. Questions abound, from what to do and what to buy to the duration and intensity of practices. This autumn cleanse is an invitation to join a collective voyage of discovery, support, and transformation. Whether you wish to dive deep or skim the surface, this program accommodates your pace, with resources, guidance, and personal support available at every step.

As a Kinesiologist, I’m dedicated to a holistic approach that nurtures the body biochemically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This 10-day cleanse is jam-packed with resources and video links to inform, motivate, and support your journey. The supplements, food, and additional online kinesiology balances will add to the coast, while all information, pricing, and justifications regarding this are included within the first lesson. Some items may need to be sourced, so starting early is advisable.

However, a word of caution: if you’re pregnant, planning to conceive in the next three months, or have concerns about detoxing while on prescription medication, please consult with a healthcare provider before embarking on this cleanse. Our goal is to ensure a gentle yet effective cleanse accessible to everyone.

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Course available for 31 days
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Duration 10 Days Cleanse Support
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