Holistic Kinesiology

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Achieving Balance Kinesiology

Achieving Balance Kinesiology is more than just balance; it’s about creating it.

Kinesiology nurtures you to expand your horizons, find wholeness and ease, function and flow, BE DO HAVE, and want more for yourself and future generations. It is the balance we desire within the present-day pressures, transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary!

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Kinesiology is an extraordinary modality that facilitates balance, harmony and wholeness.

Located in Coffs Harbour, with appointments both in the clinic and online, it has abundant knowledge and experience in health, wellness and personal development. I specialise in kinesiology for pregnancy, newborns, children, teens, and families. Passionate about Kinesiology for child development and education and breaking family cycles of ill health.

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As no two individuals are the same, no two balances will be the same. Kinesiology can hone in and focus on what is needed to move forward. It is often the feeling of clarity when previously feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

Focusing On Change

Looking for a Kinesiologist near me? Or the best Kinesiologist in Coffs Harbour?

I am Erin Straker, the driving force behind Achieving Balance Kinesiology, and I’ve dedicated over 20 years to empowering individuals on their journey towards better health and well-being. My passion for facilitating positive change started with completing Applied Kinesiology Studies in 2015, building upon a strong foundation in Health Education.

Throughout my career, I’ve continually expanded my knowledge and honed my skills across various disciplines related to human wellness. My expertise spans neurolinguistics, timeline therapy, thought field therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), kid yoga, positive psychology, movements for learning, brain gym, epigenetics healing cycles, gifted education, and mental health first aid.

My mission and passion revolve around supporting children and parents individually, striving to harmonize and strengthen the entire family unit. I aim to help each family achieve their unique and sustainable balance. My focus lies in fostering:

  1. Harmonious Daily Functioning and Family Flow: Through a blend of diverse techniques, I assist families in establishing harmony and coherence in their daily lives, promoting smoother functioning and improved family dynamics.
  2. Thriving Children at Every Stage of Growth: I am committed to nurturing children’s growth and development, aiming for their optimal well-being and success through various life stages.
  3. Helping Parents reach their own potential.

With a holistic approach, my goal is to guide families toward their equilibrium. I work to ensure they achieve a balanced lifestyle that embodies seamless daily functioning, thriving children, and holistic family wellness. My dedication to supporting children and parents underscores my commitment to facilitating positive change within family units.

Parents that can BE DO and HAVE their heart’s desire while ditching the parent guilt or the need to compromise.