Kids Yoga Chatterbox


Introducing our Free Printable Kids’ Yoga Chatterbox – a fun, engaging, and educational tool designed to enhance your yoga classes or home activities with children. This easy-to-print chatterbox is a delightful addition to yoga sessions and a fantastic way to develop fine and gross motor skills in kids.


Enhance your yoga classes or home activities with our free printable kids’ yoga chatterbox. This easy-to-print tool is perfect for incorporating into yoga sessions or engaging active children at home. The yoga chatterbox is designed not only for fun but also to aid in developing fine and gross motor skills.

Encourage children to participate in cutting and folding the chatterbox themselves, fostering their manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. As they manipulate the chatterbox with their fingers, they enhance their finger dexterity, which is essential for fine motor skill development.

Moreover, the chatterbox involves counting numbers and spelling out colours, engaging multiple brain areas. This interaction offers a unique whole-brain kinesiology experience, seamlessly blending physical movement with cognitive challenges. It’s a creative and dynamic way to introduce young minds to the basics of yoga while also providing a colourful balance exercise that stimulates brain development. Perfect for yoga instructors, parents, and educators looking to add an interactive, educational element to their yoga sessions or playful learning at home.

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  1. Mel, Kids Yoga Canberra

    “Engaging and Educational!” – “As a yoga instructor for children, I’m always on the lookout for resources that make yoga fun and accessible. The Kids’ Yoga Chatterbox has been a fantastic addition to my classes. It helps with the children’s motor skills and provides a unique way to teach them about mindfulness and yoga through play. Parents have commented on how their children talk about the chatterbox at home too!”

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