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Our Free Printable Kids Yoga Cards are more than just a physical activity; they’re a delightful way to blend fun, movement, and thought for young children, making them a unique and valuable resource for both parents and teachers.



Discover our delightful collection of Free Printable Kids Yoga Cards, perfect for engaging young children or early primary school students. These yoga cards feature a range of poses that can be arranged into a simple sequence or used individually, offering versatility in teaching and practice. Designed with young learners in mind, these cards are an ideal tool for interactive and playful yoga sessions.

One of the creative ways to use these yoga cards is through a yoga memory game. Printing a double set allows for a fun and educational twist, where children can match poses while practising them. Simple adaptations like holding the pose for increasing breaths with each pair found or playing a hide-and-seek version where the cards are spread around the room add an exciting dimension to learning. These activities are enjoyable and promote physical movement and cognitive development, making them a fantastic choice for indoor activities on rainy days.

Our Free Printable Kids Yoga Cards are a great resource for parents and educators looking to introduce yoga to children in a fun, engaging, and thoughtful way. They encourage movement, mindfulness, and creativity, making them valuable to any young child’s learning and playtime.


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