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Unveiling My Passion for Coaching Kinesiology and Holistic Well-being

From an early age, coaching was an innate calling for me. Whether it was helping someone master a new gymnastic trick, navigating life’s lessons, or simply encouraging personal growth, I embraced the coach role. As a child, I naturally assumed the position of teacher during playtime, consistently offering guidance and instruction and seeking ways to enhance both myself and those around me. The fundamental belief that we must continually progress towards greater things has always driven me, for I firmly believe that stagnation leads to decline.

Many people predicted that I would follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a teacher, but I always felt that teaching was my true life purpose. My mother, though supportive of my teaching aspirations, envisioned me as a sports psychologist, delving deeper into the psyche behind performance rather than just the mechanics. While teaching skills is essential, helping individuals overcome mental barriers to unlock their full potential takes it to the next level. This notion fascinated me, and I only recently discovered this narrative after my mother’s first transformative experience with kinesiology.

My passion for health and teaching about it runs deep. There is nothing more exhilarating to me than empowering others to achieve their best health. However, my perspective on health underwent a profound shift when I was introduced to the concepts of wellness and well-being. To me, wellness extends beyond physical health; it involves pushing past self-imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behaviours, recognizing that true wholeness is a journey, and when reached, flourishing becomes inevitable. Well-being encompasses the individual, their environment, and the direction they wish to take in life.

Early in our self-development journey, my husband and I were asked to define our ultimate life goal, our “chief aim.” While I compiled a lengthy list with ease, my husband struggled. Ultimately, he prioritised his health—a seemingly simple and attainable objective, or so I thought.

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That pivotal moment triggered a seismic shift in our lives. We began questioning our beliefs about health, reevaluating our choices and making healthier decisions. As a physical education teacher, I had never considered that my supposedly “healthy” decisions were harming me. I was entrenched in a world where downing a can of Diet ‘V’ before an afternoon workout was the norm, followed by emotionally charged, low-fat dinners tainted with self-doubt and body negativity. I was addicted to sugar and salt, dehydrated, and malnourished at a cellular level.

Reflecting on my life, the contrast from then to now is staggering.

At this juncture, I discovered my potential extended beyond the confines of the standard school curriculum. I was driven to connect with, question, and explore the wealth of information surrounding well-being. The television was turned off, and in-depth discussions commenced. Not only did we become more connected as a couple, but we also witnessed and experienced the profound impact of improved mind-body well-being. My journey into studying Kinesiology, NLP, Tapping, and Hypnosis unfolded rapidly, with each course equipping me with invaluable tools. I learned to communicate with the body on a deeper, life-changing level than ever before.

Through Kinesiology, I can now design personalized coaching programs that restore the mind-body connection, enabling individuals to achieve balance physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and financially. My initial quest for answers led to a transformational journey of empowerment, and now, my mission is to share this empowerment with others.


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